Raiding Poll - IMPORTANT

Swindler aO posted Aug 29, 16

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Swindler aO posted Jul 12, 15

After a few months of hibernation, I'm happy to say that Orb of Souls is looking to start raiding again! We're not going to be as hardcore as before, it'll be social raids but we're definitely aiming for heroic. If you're interested in raiding with us again feel free to drop me a message whenever. Hope to see you all again soon.

Kisses & hugs,

Blackrock Foundry Mythic Time

Shomru aO posted Mar 24, 15
Now we're done with Heroic its time for us to start progressing mythic. Information about the Mythic encounters will be updated in the Boss Strategies forums as we progress through them. Please make sure you read the threads and know the mechanics of the fights before we get to them.
Woolliam And we just might never find out who the mysterious moonkin in the center were.
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